Designing for Stage and Screen

Pop-up Globe:

All shows involve costume design and construction with some sourcing.  As well as being a designer for the shows, as Head of Wardrobe I oversee production of the shows, run the workroom and also pattern/construct for what is necessary. Our audiences are not only in the stalls, but also right underneath our actors. The material choices and construction need to be designed to be seen both  up-close and far away. Textures and colours are chosen for natural and flood light conditions, and all garments are hand finished, including hems, to fit period construction and our aesthetic of beautiful custom made outfits.

Tim Bray Children's Theatre:

All shows involve costume design and construction with some sourcing. Most of what is displayed has been designed,  patterned, and constructed by myself over nine years.


Galleries: Theatre

Emilia 009Emilia (2020)
Measure for Measure 025Measure for Measure (2019)
Romeo and Juliet 2019 011Romeo and Juliet (2019)
The Merchant of Venice 001The Merchant of Venice (2018)
Macbeth 012Macbeth (2018)
Much Ado About Nothing 012Much Ado About Nothing (2017)
Othello 021Othello (2017)
Mary Stuart 006Mary Stuart (2016)
Romeo and Juliet 006Romeo and Juliet (2016)
The Owl and the Pussycat 009The Owl and the Pussycat (2014)
splore_001.jpgSplore (2014)
Pippi Longstocking 008Pippi Longstocking (2013)
Mrs. Wishy Washy 003Mrs. Wishy Washy (2013)
The Dragon of an Ordinary Family 013The Dragon of an Ordinary Family (2013)
Hairy Mclary 008Hairy Maclary (2012)
The Great Piratical Rumbustification 007The Great Piratical Rumbustification (2012)
A Lion in the Meadow 005A Lion in the Meadow (2011)
The Santa Claus Show (2013) 007The Santa Claus Show (2009)
Peter Rabbit and Other Tales 007Peter Rabbit and Other Tales (2009)
The Twits 001The Twits (2008)
The Wind in the Willows 015The Wind in the Willows (2008)
Grandma McGarvey with Grandpa's Slippers 001Grandma McGarvey with Grandpa’s Slippers (2007)